Monday, April 22, 2013

Marketing "artist" or "scientist"?

My comments on the original article by Mark McGuinness.

I nurtured my "science" side all through grade school and college – analytics were valued at home and the industry at the time. My initial jobs of project management and technical marketing were a logical extension. I’ve since learned that I don’t suck at being artistic, and it started with personal blogging. I found my voice and style which is an important element to being creative; and I learned to connect with feelings and the humor and pain of life, which takes grocking a persona to a more interesting level. While I understand the technology platforms, devices, formulas and metrics, I’m looking to camp with the marketing artists. Artistic thoughts are unique to the artist and you can learn something from everyone.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Can big brands change?

This question was posed on a LinkedIn thread. The answer of course is yes, but it ain't easy. If a change isn't demanded from the top, it can be impossible. In a job like marketing, we serve many masters, er, stakeholders. Unless they're all on board with the "new thing", they still need the "old stuff" - both of which take your time that can only stretch so far.

I'm curious to see where this thread will go.